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California Rush Soccer Club


HB (Huntington Beach) - at Marina High School, 15871 Springdale St, Huntington Beach
LA (LA/South Bay) - Various locations, please call coach
NW (Norwalk) - Various locations, please call coach
SA (Santa Ana) - Various locations, please call coach
MV (Moreno Valley) - Various locations, please call coach

HB2002 DiscoveryRobert Oseguera714-337-6021[email protected]
HB 2002  1Daniel Walpole714-615-3532[email protected] 
HB 2002 2Lucas Kim
[email protected]
LA2003 DiscoveryMiguel Gonzalez562-565-4775[email protected]
NW2003 1Polo Macias562-209-7085[email protected]
SA 2003 DiscoveryCarlos Godinez714-679-9497 [email protected]
SA 2003 1Erik Zuniga714-478-7601[email protected]
LA2004 DiscoveryMiguel Gonzalez562-565-4775[email protected]
HB2004 1Rafael Ramirez714-589-9671[email protected]
HB2004 1Gabriel Lucatero650-333-3014[email protected]
MV 2005 1Jose Franco951-374-9903[email protected]
MV 2005 2Jose Franco951-374-9903[email protected]
HB 2005 DiscoveryCarlos Godinez714-679-9497[email protected] 
HB 2005  2Lucas Kim 760-912-2066[email protected]
HB 2006 3Tim Keeler 760-912-2066[email protected]
SA 2006 3Jose Angel714-553-4539[email protected] 
NW2006 1Polo Macias562-209-7085[email protected]
MV2006 1Alonso Gomez951-858-8471[email protected]
MV2006 2Alonso Gomez951-858-8471[email protected]
LA 2007 1Miguel Gonzalez562-565-4775[email protected]
MV2007 3Gonzalo Galindo951-212-6607 [email protected]
MV 2008 3Juan Flores951-591-4415[email protected]
HB2008 2Alejandro Santiago714-585-8743[email protected]
HB2009 1Michael Oseguera714-308-7798[email protected]
NW 2009 2Polo Macias562-209-7085[email protected]
MV 2009 3Hector 951-349-7868 
HB 2010 1Carlos Godinez714-679-9497[email protected]
HB 2010 2Carlos Ramirez562-415-6405[email protected]
MV 2010 3Alonso Gomez951-858-8471[email protected]
HB2011 3Alejandro Santiago714-585-8743[email protected]

LA20072Abdul Sesay310-972-9536[email protected]
MV20112Ruben Nieto951-442-1703[email protected]
MV 2008 3Ruben Nieto951-442-1703[email protected]
MV20053Ruben Nieto951-442-1703[email protected]
MV20032Ruben Nieto951-442-1703[email protected]

Please make sure to register prior to coming out to practice using the following link

Daniel Walpole
Daniel Walpole
Daniel Walpole
Daniel Walpole
Lucas Kim
Lucas Kim
Alejandra Flores


P.O. Box 7364 
Huntington Beach, California 92615

Phone: 657-215-1250
Email: [email protected]


Tryouts registrations open, click on the link below to register!