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California Rush Soccer Club


California Rush is proud to announce our return to the UPSL for 2022.  Follow our progress with videos of our matches in the link below:  

By providing a full range of programming and a complete pathway for the beginner through to the collegiate and professional levels, members can look forward to being a part of a larger club with a lot more to offer. Players will have access to brand new pathways and programs to expand their skills and knowledge of the game.

About Rush Soccer
Rush Soccer was formed in 2002 under the leadership of the Colorado Rush Soccer Club in order to broaden the scope of its proven coaching, player development and administrative methodologies to a national level. By affiliating with qualified soccer clubs throughout the United States, Rush Soccer uses personnel, technical and intellectual property exchanges to create efficiencies through economies of scale, promote player, coach and tournament exchanges, develop proprietary information technology applications, provide administrative and technical consulting, streamline branding opportunities and maximize potential for fundraising and sponsorship support.
Rush Soccer's primary objective is to develop a national level club cooperative system that offers substantial opportunities for national corporate sponsorship and foundation support, provides the framework for a national coach and player development network, and will serve a significant centralized pool of talent for consideration by European, MLS, NCAA, US National and Olympic soccer programs.


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P.O. Box 7364 
Huntington Beach, California 92615

Phone: 657-215-1250
Email: [email protected]


Tryouts registrations open, click on the link below to register!